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Fine Chemicals Division
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By using of fermentation technology from microorganism, Meito Sangyo Co., Ltd. Fine chemicals Division produces unique products, such as polysaccharide and enzymes.
Out of our products, both dextran used for a plasma expander and microbial rennet, cheese production enzyme are produced by limited manufacturers worldwide.

Dextran derivatives with a variety of functional group can be produced from Dextran by chemical reaction. Anion-donating reaction such as sulphonation, carboxymethylation or cation-donating reaction like tertiary amination can be carried out for purpose-made product. Since dextran acts as a protective colloid to keep solution highly dispersed, iron oxide or magnetic iron oxide dextran complex can be also manufactured. These resultant products are physiological and biocompatible ones which are applicable as raw materials for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Especially in Japan, Meito Sangyo is sole manufacturer of these products.

Lipase, as one of typical enzyme, fat-splitting enzyme obtains an acceptance by customers globally. Furthermore, in the future, this promising enzyme is expected to have a variety of applications, depending on its microbial origin.

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